Submission: Your submission should be no longer than 6 pages of analysis and no

Submission: Your submission should be no longer than 6 pages of analysis and no smaller than 12 font, single
or double spaced. If you go over this page amount, your work shall not be marked. An Introduction is not
required. The title page, contents, appendices, and references do not count towards your page limit. You are
to use APA referencing style. You should include:
1. Title Page
2. Contents
3. Appendices
4. References
5. Page Numbers
Do more analysis and don’t just repeat case information. This section should NOT be descriptive but analytical.
Yes, at times you do repeat some information, but focus on the Marketing issues and the difficult decision
being made. Apply class and textbook theory. Act as a Marketing Consultant. Do not write in the 1st person.
Rubric: Please ensure that there is no “fluff” i.e., superfluous language that doesn’t help you to
achieve your mandate. Not only does this take away from your page count, more importantly, it does
not add value.
Issues & Analysis: (35) Identify the decision maker’s main marketing and consumer behaviour issue(s). Use
terminology from the textbook/ class. You should do some secondary research here (but not into what the
company actually did.) Again, marketing/ consumer behaviour theory should be used to analyze the case. This
section should form the bulk of your paper.
Marketing Problem/Decision: (5 marks). Once your analysis has been completed, the core problem/
opportunity at hand or decision to be made should become evident. This section should be a paragraph at the
Alternatives: (30) Here you list and explain the decision maker’s choices. These should be based upon the
analysis and problem sections you completed. You should list three to five alternatives. If the case already has
alternatives you can list those as well. You should list the pros and cons of going with each alternative. You
must also use a decision matrix. Please do not include “status quo”, “lets do some research” or “lets hire a
consultant or advertising agency” alternatives. Be sure to explain what your alternatives are in detail.
Recommendations (30 Marks) This is where you need to make a choice and substantiate it with evidence. You
can only choose ONE alternative and not a combination. I am not so concerned about the right choice but a
choice that flows from your prior analysis. Implementation should have some timelines attached to it. This
wraps everything up and it justifies the Marketing Problem that you identified earlier.
Grammar and References (up to 20% may be deducted). One mark per error shall be deducted.
Plagiarism – If any part of your paper is found to be plagiarized, you shall receive an automatic zero on the
work and the usual reporting process shall ensue.
Late Papers – Late papers shall receive an automatic zero.

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