How should nurses assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses?”

How should nurses assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses?”?
The nurses assure policy changes in the APRN through several ways such as having the nursing managers carry out supervision activities on the nursing staff whereby which ensures that their APRN adheres to the best procedures and practices which have been bestowed upon them in their various work responsibilities. Some of these duties include offering guidance to the nurses during times of crisis, ensuring the nurse’s safety is implemented by having all the necessary resources being made available ad also monitoring the compliance with the various regulations and policies which are under consideration (Gorin et al., 2014). The nurses would also assure policy changes by having the collaborative policies of work being addressed which would be addressing some of the health policy-related issues which are at national and at global levels. The nurses should also have their participate in the exploration of the resources which are needed for the policy formulation and also learn the various ways by which the policies are being formulated and thus helping policy changes to be achieved for the APRNs. The nurses should also perform an investigation on the health policy agendas which are being established by the local legislators whereby this will help to address some of the issues and challenges which are there in the nursing profession which might be encountered by the APRNs (Morris, 2018).
What role does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) play in addressing workforce shortages in rural communities?
The Affordable Care Act is considered to be having different roles in the healthcare sector whereby some of the roles include reforming the private insurance markets, having Medicaid expansion by having the majority of poor ability to access healthcare services, and also having the change made on how the medical decisions are being made. ACA is noted to address the workforce-related issues by having recommendations or provisions of several strategies which include having major reforms being made in graduate medical education training, supporting the training programs which are being offered to the nurses, increasing the health profession loans amounts, and scholarships program (Gorin et al., 2014). Also, by having the support of the new primary care models which include the medical homes and also having team management of the chronic related disease or illness which patients might be having. Education and training of more healthcare professionals remain a more important strategy which would help on increasing the number of the healthcare workforce and thus helping on quality care provision and also having enough workforce which is being needed for the healthcare services provided within the communities (Eneanya, 2018).
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