CLASS: LIFESPAN Research Prep part two In part two, you have the opportunity to

Research Prep part two
In part two, you have the opportunity to use your research one info to locate two peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the CISCO library. (I have attached these articles)
Book for this class to reference as well:
In Unit Six, our authors discuss five perspectives of gender development.
A primary perspective on gender development is provided by social learning theory.
A second perspective, consistent with maturational meta-theories, focuses on biological and neurophysiological factors that are present at birth.
A third perspective, consistent with organismic meta-theories, focuses on cognitive developmental theory. (I CHOSE THIS PERSPECTIVE– PLEASE COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT BASED ON THIS PERSPECTIVE)
A fourth major theory, which emphasizes the active role of the child in constructing a gender identity, is called gender schema theory.
Most recently, researchers have drawn on broader more integrative dynamic systems approaches to understand the development of gender identity
Select One Perspective. (PERSPECTIVE #3)
APA sample paper-1.docx Download APA sample paper-1.docx
Open Word Document
Create APA Title page
Locate two peer-reviewed articles that contain research studies supporting the view selected. Articles must have a methods section and be 5 years old or less. (I HAVE ATTACHED THESE ARTICLES TO THIS ASSIGNMENT)
Which approach did you select? Why?
For each article:
What type of research was completed (Chapter: Descriptive and Explanatory Designs)
Where did research occur?
How many subjects were involved in the research?
Who completed the research?
Give one significant finding of the research.
Reference page:
Cite the articles in APA format
Sample citation:
Sample of citation-NOTE CAPITALIZATION-do not rely on citation generator for capitalization.
Safitri, L. (2020). Children language acquisition process. LET: Linguistics, Literature and English Teaching Journal, 10(2), 157–177.
Rubric research part 2.docx Download Rubric research part 2.docx

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