You are asked to present a 5-7 minute speech to inform (educate). It is to be d

You are asked to present a 5-7 minute speech to inform (educate). It is to be delivered extemporaneously. Your information speech should do one of the following:
Explain a historical, current or future event
Explain a place
Describe a person who is researchable (living or deceased)
Clarify or define a concept
Describe or give an explanation or an organization
Originate your resource material for this speech using your Lucas text and handouts. Continue your research in the library and the computer lab. Diversify your sources so you have three different kinds. Use books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets or interview experts.
Chose a topic that greatly interests you or a topic that you wish to learn more about. Narrow it and make sure it is appropriate for an informative speech. Prepare a purpose statement. The purpose is a phrase that states precisely what you will hope to accomplish in your speech. Limit your main points to three that you wish to explain. Make sure your central idea/thesis statement is clear, fluid and one sentence long.
Develop your message with purposeful, verbal supporting material. Some of the forms of support material used to develop main points are:
Cite your sources. You must have a minimum of three diverse sources. Most students have many more than three. You should create evidence cards for each source so you will remember to sight them orally. In addition, you should include an MLA or APA bibliography to be handed in with the outline.
For this speech you will create and use a visual aid. Use a poster board, model, transparency or diagram. Enlarge print material for visability.

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