Use the Internet or Excelsior Library to find a scholarly source that lists vari

Use the Internet or Excelsior Library to find a scholarly source that lists various management theories.
For this activity you will be choosing one of the theories of management that you found and writing a 2 to 3 paragraph initial post that explains how you plan to use that theory of management in developing the new process for your chosen organization.
Things to Consider:
What are the benefits of using the selected management theory in the development of a process? What are the downsides to this particular theory?
Provide examples of other leaders successfully implementing the management theory.
In response to your classmates:
Respond to those who chose different theories than you.
Examine how the theory they chose, when combined with your chosen theory, affects the development of your process.
Include evidence to support your conclusions. This evidence should be something such as an example of a leader applying various theories in order to achieve their desired outcome. It could also be a scholarly article that details which theories work best together.
Post your primary response. Be sure to review your writing for grammar and spelling before posting. Read any posts already provided by your instructor or fellow students. Remember to read the feedback to your own major posts and reply to it throughout the module.

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