The poster assignment will consist of five parts and a final assignment. Studen

The poster assignment will consist of five parts and a final assignment. Students will use the five assignments to help develop the information or content needed to complete a poster. This assignment will require students to utilize the information from the textbook and modules to develop a research poster.
Students will identify an issue an organization that is related to their field. The next step will be to identify evidence that supports a practice or strategy to resolve the issue. Students will use the research steps to develop a poster presentation.
Poster Presentation Part 3
Directions: Identify a study design to use for your study, based on the readings from the section titled, Selecting a study approach, located in the course section of the syllabus. Write 2-3 sentencesexplaining your approach and 1-2 sentences about why this approach is appropriate for your study.
Include the following points in your assignment and the following the headings*** (each heading only needs to be written once, ie Purpose):
Include your research question (Heading-Purpose)
Describe why your topic is important (Heading-Purpose)
Describe gaps in the literature (Heading-Purpose)
Identify the appropriate study design for your research question (Heading-Study Design)
Describe why this study design is appropriate (Heading-Study Design)
****items 1,2,and 3 under purpose and items 4 and 5 under study design

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