Take 3 characters from any of the plays we read in class Dutchman, Good Grief, S

Take 3 characters from any of the plays we read in class Dutchman, Good Grief, Stop Kiss and create a costume design for the play. This is AS IF, you were to be hired to design. Utilize the various aspects of costume design, learned in Chapter 7. (You will place this assignment into your FINAL PROJECT PROMPT BOOK,, from this design you can make adjustments and re-design or turn in as is with your Final prompt book in the Costume Section.)
Part 1) Cast 3 actors(you can find images via google search)- Who will play the 3 characters you need to costume?(You can cast anyone you feel fits the role(please make sure if you choose the Dutchman, that you’ve actually read the play, casting for this play is VERY SPECIFIC, if you mess up, I will know you skimmed and not read.), take care to exercise caution with casting. These should roles be Race/Culture/Identity conscious)
Part 2) When are you Deciding on what time period to place this play, whether you are keeping it within the time period it was written or modernizing it, make sure it stays true to the original message of the play. If you are changing the time period, why?Is there anything specific that makes you think it belongs in a specific time period? (For example: I once placed a show that was stated, present day, however it was written in the 90’s but did not have use of cell phones within the script. I helped structure the piece because I set it back in the 1970’s) Does it work? How can you make sure it works? Write a half-page breakdown of WHY you are placing it in the specific time and how it will help the play succeed.
Part 3) Design.
I want to see textures (can be digital, can be fabric you purchase/and photograph, can be found fabrics from clothing you own) Multiple pictures to give me an idea of your concept.
I want to see style. Is there a specific color scheme? style scheme? Why?
Make-up is also a part of the design, Hair? Facial hair? etc. Feel free to use apps (i.e snap chat, instagram filters, tick tock) anything that will help you show what your vision is.
Part 4) Write a 1-2 page summary of your designs and why you chose what you chose. You can write paragraphs under each part of the the designs vs. a long essay. Discuss the time period, the style, genre, color, textures, etc. Use the terminology learned in the chapter to express your design concept. (My design explanation is short in order to save time. Please expand upon your thoughts and concept in your explanation.)
Feel free to video yourself presenting your design if you would rather do that than a paper. Video presentations should be no longer than 5 minutes in length but should be more than 2minutes. Stay specific and explore the

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