Students must write a persuasive paper on a historical topic related to the Hist

Students must write a persuasive paper on a historical topic related to the History of Chicanos in the Southwest between 1848 and 2001. ( I have found my topic and 2 sources)
The font and point size of your paper must be 12 pts, Arial or Helvetica font.
The writing portion of the paper must be double spaced and a minimum of 5 pages of typed writing.
In addition to the 5 pages of writing, the paper must include a Title Page and a Bibliography citation page so the paper must be a minimum of 7 PAGES IN TOTAL.
The paper must have a minimum of FOUR peer-reviewed scholarly sources (i.e. ebooks from the online BC Library or articles from the BC online databases, like JSTOR. Articles can be primary or secondary sources. If you want to add an online source that is not scholarly but it is credible then you can count that as your FIFTH source; you still need scholarly sources).
Again, the citation must be using in-text citation, according to Chicago Style citation format (Footnotes) and a Bibliography on the last page, also according to Chicago Style citation format. Historians use the Chicago style and expect consistent use in research papers. Footnotes are numbered sources and placed at the bottom of each page where it lists key information from your source. A Bibliography appears on the last page of your paper. It lists sources that should be listed alphabetically by author’s last name. The bibliography should include all publishing information. [You should have all completed the Writing Center Workshop on Chicago Style Citation. If you still need help or are confused, please email me].
Your paper should stay focused on the past, specifically on your particular topic — so avoid writing about today’s world or comparing your topic to the present, or bringing up the present in the paper. In other words, do not include any issues/events/themes of the present or another time period or region. Your paper should not include “what if’s” or how this topic should “have went down differently.” As I have said before, be like a time machine and tell us what is significant about your historical topic — what impact did it leave?
Your paper should be not be written in the first person or second person. It must be written in the third person
Your paper should represent your original work/voice. No recycled papers. No papers with copy-and-paste information from the Internet. Write in your own words and back it up with sources. But interpret the sources/evidence in your own words. Do not copy and paste what sources say.
Your paper will be graded by the following criteria:
Clear Introduction/Thesis/Conclusion
Followed Prompt Requirements
Excellent use of Scholarly Evidence/Analysis of Evidence and Critical Thinking
Strong Organization/Development of Paper and use of EAT Method
Great use of Chicago Style Citation (Footnotes and Bibliography)
Excellent Grammar/Mechanics
Excellent use of Historical Context and included a Counter-Argument.
IMPORTANT: The history research paper reflected original work and received a less than 30% rating from Turnitin. (Best way to do this is by writing more of your own words when explaining sources/evidence and avoiding copying and pasting or using a lot of quotes). Any paper higher than a 30% Turnitin rating will result in a failing grade and could signal a red flag for plagiarism, which will face more serious consequences, according to the BC academic policy on plagiarism/cheating.
More on Turnitin:
Canvas relies on Turnitin to check against your submitted paper and ensure that for one, it is your work, and two, that are sources are properly cited, and three, that the paper reflects more of your voice and not just a repetition of what the sources are saying without any analysis or context from you.

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