Rural School Districts Article Critique Task Description: The article critique

Rural School Districts
Article Critique
Task Description: The article critique assignments will enhance the candidate’s ability to critically
read and analyze published research. Select a refereed article no older than 5 years since
publication. The selected article’s focus can be on one or several of the following areas:
Consolidation, Curriculum, Student Academic Achievement, Leadership, the Principalship,
Facilities, Teacher Recruitment, and Retention, Diversity/Multiculturalism, Special Education,
Transportation, School Climate, Extracurricular Activities, Technology, Discipline, School
Funding, Licensure/Certification, Violence, School Size, Parental Involvement, Community
Stakeholders, and the Superintendency. Use the format outline below to identify and elaborate
on the major components of the article, and assess whether or not the authors have clearly
described and supported each element. Each critique should be no more than 5 pages in length,
excluding the Title Page and Reference section of the paper. Use appropriate headings and sub-
headings to organize your narrative. Use APA 7th Edition writing style.
Article Critique Format
• The author’s name(s) and the title of the article
• The author’s main point(s)
• Other key introductory details
Summary (discuss the following in your own words)
• Main points of the article
• Arguments presented in the article
• Findings of the article
Critique (elaborate on the following)
• What are the credentials of the author/s? Is the author qualified to write about the topic?
• Are the chosen research methods appropriate to answer the research question(s)?
• Are there issues related to the generalizability of the results?
• Is the article timely and relevant?
• Did the author/s ground their research in theory and previous literature?
• Summarize all key points in the article, the key points of your own analysis and critique,
and what possible future research needs there may be.
Please critique the attached article.
Please abide by the attached instructions and rubric.
Do not hesitate to reach out with ANY questions or concerns.

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