Read chapter 3 1st Post http

Read chapter 3
1st Post

First Draft
Attach the PDF of your 1st draft WITH
The link to the original document (or attach a PDF version of it).
At the end of the edited document, include the “References” list of the original article’s citation.
Include the “Addendum” containing the edited article’s
statement of purpose, and
interactor analysis.
2nd/3rd Posts
Two Peers
Respond to two (2) writers who have less than two reviews.
See the Edit, Chunk & Layer Rubric to see how the final draft will be evaluated.
We are looking for substantial reviews that will help the writer improve the quality of the writing
2-3 sentences per question
View both the original document and the edited version
Peer Review Questions
Do you agree with the writers’ audience analysis? Why or why not?
What is effective about the edited version? Which parts of the edited version are highly usable and interactive?
Is the References page and citation of the article correctly formatted? If not, what changes are needed?
What questions do you have about the editing process, content, layout, etc.?
What suggestions do you have to help the writer improve the editing, chunking, and layering of this piece of writing?
Make at least TWO (2) very specific, objective and helpful suggestions.

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