Purpose In your Project Proposal, you speculated on an issue, proposing researc

In your Project Proposal, you speculated on an issue, proposing research questions, audiences, and potential claims. You then researched that issue and organized a descriptive list of eight sources in your Annotated Bibliography. Next, in your paper about Presenting Research Perspectives, you analyzed the three main perspectives that surrounded your controversial issue for a specific audience. Now, it is time for you to combine all of those skills into an argument-driven research essay where you give your own perspective! For this Final Research Paper, you will make a claim or thesis, couple it with well-developed reasons and stakes, and use evidence from your research to support this claim for the scholarly audience interested in your topic.
Write a 6-8 page argument-driven research essay that offers readers a full sense of your perspective and position about your semester topic. Include the following elements:
Begin with a clear and compelling thesis. (A good thesis makes a claim that is not too obvious, but an argument with which someone reasonable could disagree. A thesis statement should answer the research question you raised in your proposal in a concise way.)
In the introductory section, give a brief description of the scholarly conversation surrounding your topic and explain how your argument fits within but also carries on that conversation.
In your body paragraphs, develop reasons that support your main thesis and provide support for this thesis using evidence from your research.
Amid your body paragraphs include a visual (photograph, chart, graph, drawing, infographic, etc.) that supports or repurposes the argument of your essay in a different genre/medium. The purpose of this additional assignment is to get you thinking about how to supplement your argument in a new way, and it should not take up more than a quarter of a single page. Make sure that the creative image connects to topic and argument and is rhetorically appropriate for your subject and audience. If the image is not your own original creation, you must cite it using the appropriate MLA formatting; read this page (Links to an external site.) and scroll to “figures” to find out how. (If you are using Google Docs, you may find this link (Links to an external site.) useful to creating a text box below your inserted images.)
Address counterarguments (or naysayers) by describing your opponents’ positions fairly, making necessary concessions to any common ground you might share, and responding with a rebuttal.
Conclude by explaining the stakes of your argument, or why it matters to the conversation surrounding your topic. Address larger implications and concerns for potential future work or research.
Be sure to arrange your essay according to the type of argument you are making (see “Additional Textbook Help” below.)
Include a properly cited list of references at the end of your essay (not included in the page count).
How You Will Be Graded
The Final Research Paper will be graded according to the following criteria:
6-8 pages, double spaced (not including list of references)
Organization (overall structure and paragraphing)
Argument: claims are supported with credible evidence
Counter-arguments are being carefully considered and acknowledged or refuted.
Effective integration information from research (summary, paraphrase, quotation)
Appropriateness of rhetorical choices for scholarly audience and additional visual
Proper citation style
Accurate formatting, grammar, spelling, and mechanics
Textbook Help
“Meeting the Expectations of Academic Writing,” pp. 35-49
“Arguing a Position,” pp. 143-185
“Analyzing and Constructing Arguments,” pp. 411-450
“Strategies for Supporting an Argument,” pp. 451-473
“Synthesizing Ideas: Moving from What Your Sources Say to What You Say,” pp. 534-540
“Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing,” pp. 541-554
“Giving Credit, Avoiding Plagiarism,” pp. 555-562
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Counter Claim
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