PROFILES OF CYBER CRIMINALS Unlike traditional crime scenes, cybercrime evidence

Unlike traditional crime scenes, cybercrime evidence exists in the cyber-world; in a computer, a network, or the Internet. The weapon of choice—also a computer, a network, or the Internet—is volatile and easily contaminated or destroyed. As a result only five percent of cyber criminals are caught and prosecuted.
The role of the Internet as the tool for committing most of these crimes, results with dividing cyber criminals into two groups; criminals who use the Internet as a tool to commit the criminal act and criminals whose usage of the Internet for the committing of the crime was incidental.
The first ones may be white-collar criminals, computer con artists, hackers, crackers, network attackers. The second type are those who use the network to find victims, who use computers for keeping records, who use e-mail or other services for communicating with accomplices.
The cybercriminal is usually not the only person on the scene of the cybercrime, however. Some cybercrimes appear to be victimless, such as a network intrusion that occurs without anyone knowing about it, in which no files are harmed and no information is “stolen” or misused. In most cases, though, some person(s) are ultimately harmed by the cybercriminal’s actions. These victims might be workers who lose productive time due to a DoS attack or have to redo their work because of cyber vandalism. They might be company shareholders who lose money due to extra charges for the bandwidth that a hacker uses or they might be IT administrators who lose their jobs for “allowing” the attack to happen.
While psychological profiling of criminals is not a new field, should we attempt to profile cyber criminals? In one to two pages, explain whether or not profiling is useful in cyber-criminal investigations or only for particular crimes. In your paper,include a response to the following questions:
What are the practical limitations which restrict the widespread usage of criminal profiling?
Do you believe there is enough evidence to indicate there is a distinct psychological pattern that would help in the apprehension of cyber-criminals?

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