Please watch the video and reflect your thoughts how this video will affect you

Please watch the video and reflect your thoughts how this video will affect you on
treating pediatric patients . Here is the video link:

Reflection papers are designed to formally consider what you have been learning and to organize it through writing. The following will help you understand the
Papers must be typed, double-spaced, Times-New-Roman, 12-point font and one-inch margins.
Papers should be at least 2 pages long ( excluding title page and references)
Writing should use formal language and correct spelling and punctuation
Topics reflected upon may include any information covered in class or in the reading assignment for the week
Papers may take 1 or 2 topics and examine them deeply, or more topics examined in less detail
When writing, consider the following:
What have we studied that is interesting related to the video?
What new things have you learned from the video?
How has your learning affected preconceptions or misconceptions in treating
and approaching pediatric patients you brought with you into class after watching the video?
How does your learning affect your view of the world and the universe in relation to treating pediatric patients in correlation with the video?
Will what you have learned change your professional behavior in the future?
Ultimately writing these papers encourages you to find what is meaningful to you and thus it adds value to your learning. Do not simply outline or summarize the material we have covered. I want to know what the material means to you

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