Part 1: View The Whistleblower, and complete the readings. Then answer the follo

Part 1: View The Whistleblower, and complete the readings. Then answer the following questions:
What did the organization need to decide?
What were the one or more moral problems?
How, if at all, did you empathize with Kathryn?
For what reasons, if any, did you admire Kathryn?
How, if at all, did you identify with Kathryn?
Is Kathryn one of your mentors? For what reasons?
Mentors can be not only people in the organization where you work but also individuals from history or even fictional stories and movies. This week, we will discuss the events depicted in the movie, The Whistleblower, about an historical figure about whom a movie has been made—Kathryn Bolkovac. The readings expand upon the movie by describing what happened to her after she became a whistleblower. This movie depicts scenes of human trafficking, sexual violence, and graphic violence in general, so watching the movie is optional, and feel free to read the articles and skip watching the film if that’s not something you’re comfortable with. Your discussion relies on the events discussed in the readings, so I recommend that you review the discussion questions before going through the materials.
Rattray, C., Piovesan, C., Kaufman, A., & Nola, T. (Producers). (2010). The Whistleblower [Online movie]. Available from (watch all 112:00)
NPR Staff. (2011, July 30). A “whistleblower” made into a Hollywood heroine. Weekend Edition Saturday. Retrieved from (read all 6 pages)
Bennett, J. (2017, 12 July). Kathryn Bolkovac: The Real “Whistleblower” on human trafficking in Bosnia. Retrieved from:
Slanjankic, A. (2016, February 29). Bolkovac: “UN tries to cover up peacekeeper sex abuse scandal.” DW. Retrieved from (read all 5 pages)
Part 2:
One way to build moral courage is to identify mentors. Answer the following questions:
Discuss 1 person in your life outside work who overcame a challenge and inspires you. Explain the following:
What was the challenge (it does not necessarily have to relate to a communication project in an organization)?
What did this person say or do?
What happened afterward?
Identify one person in your communication field who you consider a mentor or would like to be your mentor. Answer the following:
How do you know this person?
In what ways has this person set an example for you?
How could this person guide you?

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