Learning Outcomes Summarize and interpret primary sources in cognitive psycholog

Learning Outcomes
Summarize and interpret primary sources in cognitive psychology.
Apply concepts in cognitive psychology to daily life in a variety of settings.
Exhibit clear, concise, organized, logical written communication.
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to analyze a primary source research article. You will do this by summarizing the article in your own words, connecting it to class material, and applying the findings to everyday life. This will increase your familiarity with how research in cognitive psychology is conducted and practice communicating those methods and findings to others.
For this assignment, you will read a primary source research article and then write a summary and analysis. There are four articles from which to choose. Most papers will be approximately 3 pages long however some articles have multiple studies and may require longer summaries.
Your paper should include the following 6 sections. Please label each section with a heading (e.g., Goal, Methods, Results, Connection to course, Implications, Limitations/Future Directions).
the goal of the study, stated in your own words
a summary of the methods used in the study, in your own words
a summary of the results of the study, in your own words
a paragraph explaining how the findings connect to cognitive psychology (must mention specific concepts, theories, experiments, and/or vocabulary terms from the textbook and lectures – put these concepts in bold font)
a paragraph explaining the implications of the results for everyday life
a paragraph discussing any problems or limitations with the way the study was designed and/or future directions you suggest for this area of research. These should be your own ideas and not simply duplicating the limitations already discussed in the article.
If the article includes multiple experiments, you should describe each of them. Critiques should be written as a formal paper, using full sentences and paragraphs.

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