Instructions Your “Films in My Life” autobiographical statement should be create

Your “Films in My Life” autobiographical statement should be created like so:
Make a preliminary list (brainstorming/brainwriting) of various films or TV series that come to mind when you think “leaders” and “leading” and words like “inspirational…inspiring me…making me want to do great things…helping me broaden my mind…opening my heart to new possibilities”…things like that). Make this a LONG list — relax, it’s just BRAINSTORMING — so try for 5 movies…then 10…and then 20 or more movies. (Helpful hint: Google the names of situations, characters, or other details if you cannot remember the names of the films right away.)
Narrow that list down to 10 or 12 films, and then rearrange them into THREE TO FIVE GROUPS, by type of story, by theme, or by the effect(s) they had on your life—even if that effect was difficult to measure precisely.
Discuss each theme, type of story, or “effect…on your life” in a separate paragraph. These paragraphs will become your actual “Films in My Life” autobiographical statement; this is the writing that you will submit on this Discussion Board—and there is no need to show us the other list(s).
Then add a few sentences about influential leaders in your life, especially if these connect in some ways with the films you have mentioned.
The text should be written in MS Word or Google Docs with Spell-check and Grammar-check switched on. You won’t need “perfect” phrasing (I’ll be lenient), but make sure you are using standard, formal, college-quality English. Please keep this in mind as you write: We are your readers, and we really want to learn something interesting about you—the films you experience, the ways you have been influenced, and the ways you think/imagine/reflect.
The total length should be four to six paragraphs in length (from 500 to 800 words), which is not a lot for so many films. For comparison, please note that these Discussion Board instructions total about 500 words—so it’s not too difficult to put this much material together, especially when writing about your own interests and memories. Also, please don’t be scared off by this! Most of our course activities will not include much lengthy writing.
When your final draft is ready, copy and paste the text _directly_ into a new Thread in this Discussion Board (i.e., please do not attach it as a separate file).
This does not have to be the “definitive” statement about the films that have been inspirational or influential in your life—but it should include your thoughts on various films and television shows that spring to mind.
You will be graded on your effort in writing up a narrative that tells us something—something about these films (at different times in your life, or for different reasons), and something about yourself. You will NOT be graded down by having films that are “not as important” or “not as good” as someone else’s, or … “bad films”(!) — because I want an honest reflection here. I appreciate that.
And this should be fun! Make it so! Don’t be “too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed”! — just enjoy sharing all of this! (We’ll be kind to you when we read your thoughts…right? Yes, yes we will.)
To have a bit more fun, feel free to include brief quotes or paraphrasing (such as famous lines from one or more movies), as well as an image or small poster from a couple of those films, if you wish. (You don’t have to include such an image now, but you can if you wish. We’ll have plenty of opportunities to include such images when we begin working on the “Channels” in the coming days.)

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