Instructions Assignment 2 – Sociological Imagination and the Future of Work/Educ

Assignment 2 – Sociological Imagination and the Future of Work/Education. Due the end of week 7. Assignment should be a minimum of 700 words, not including the reference list. Worth 16% of final grade.
This assignment assumes that you have studied the Learning Resource materials for week 6. It may help you to go back and review your Discussion post and the Learning Resource materials for Week 1. Please structure your assignment as an essay, not as a list. Be sure that your assignment has an introduction and a conclusion. Your assignment should be structured as follows:
Part 1: Introduction
In a single paragraph, provide the reader with the key points you will be addressing in this assignment.
Part 2 (300-400 words): Sociological imagination
Briefly discuss and define the sociological imagination, which you learned about in Week 1 of this course.
Identify and explain at least two broader social condition(s) related to education, the workforce, and/or the economy that might affect your personal future plans for work and/or education. You might find a relevant social condition in your Week 6 Learning Resources. Some examples of social conditions are automation in the workplace, polarization of the workforce, globalization, and the wage gap between men and women.
Then go to the “Future of Work” page ( or the “Education” page ( of the Pew Research Center and find an article related to one of the social conditions that you identified. What three key research findings in the article do you find most relevant to this social condition, and why are they relevant?
Part 3 (200-300 words): Sociological perspectives
Use one of the three main sociological perspectives (functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism) to analyze one of the social conditions that you chose.
First, briefly explain the perspective.
Then answer the question: How might you use that perspective to explain/analyze the social condition? For example, if you choose the condition of a wage gap between men and women, how might a conflict theorist explain why this gap exists in society?
Part 4: Conclusion/Reflection
In a final thorough paragraph, explain what you learned from this assignment. Based on what you have learned about sociology and social conditions, how might you modify your plans for future education and career? Please explain one key aspect of your plans for the future that you might change because of what you learned in your sociology course this term. If you wouldn’t change anything, explain why.
Part 5: Reference List
Your Reference List should include all the resources that you have cited in your Assignment. At the very least, it should include the reference information for the Week 1 and 6 Learning Resources, as well as the Pew Research article that you discussed.

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