I have done my research on topic, would share the supporting points. Need to be

I have done my research on topic, would share the supporting points. Need to be cited properly without plagairism.
# Task
What is a current issue or challenge faced by HR departments in today’s environment?
Describe the issue/challenge in detail using literature support and identify the negative impact it has
on the organization and employees. What would happen if this issue was not addressed by the
organization? What can HR managers and line managers due to mitigate this problem (what tools,
systems, best practices, polices or procedures need to be implemented)?
I chose –
Topic: Recruitment in times of uncertainty: Covid-19
Thesis statement: In the aftermath of the pandemic and its repercussions, human resource departments experienced challenges in recruiting and delivering highly qualified candidates to their organisations.
#Supporting statements
1. The recruitment process needs to be reimagined – digitisation, update with new technologies
2. The need to hire quickly – There is increased competition for outstanding talents, Need to fill more than one position at once
3. The lack of qualified candidates and the need to screen passive candidates
4. Attracting suitable candidates – by building a reputation
5. Candidates are rejecting more offers than ever before – Candidates are shopping around for offers
6. Candidate drop-offs due to long interview processes
7. Failure to build a good candidate interview experience and journey
8. Decreased Recruiting Budgets
#Mitigation action
1. Implementing e-recruitment using AI technologies
2. Build a strong brand by providing good candidate interview experience

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