Write a 3-page paper (excluding cover page and reference page) that address the following:
Discuss the P-O-L-C dimensions with a description, your evaluation of each of the dimensions, and how they would apply in an organizational setting. Do not copy and paste the description, you need to summarize and write accordingly with appropriate in-text citations.
Research the P-O-L-C dimensions from an additional 2 peer-reviewed journal articles and incorporate the current literature into your discussion. In other words, research differing/similar opinions/viewpoints and uses of the dimensions in journal articles.
References should include the Principles of Management online resource and the 2 peer-reviewed journal articles all in complete APA format.
Every paragraph should have a citation; at the very minimum the citation should be at the end of each paragraph in correct APA format.
No headings/subheadings in a 3-page paper.
3 full pages of content is expected.
This is NOT a reflection paper, therefore there are no “I, We, My” statements.

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