Hi there, This is Patient Communication Case Study for Medical Lab Assistant pro

Hi there,
This is Patient Communication Case Study for Medical Lab Assistant program.
I need this within the time of the deadline I provided please, it’s due tomorrow July 6, 2022 at 6:30pm.
It need to be in the APA format for citation.
you will need to read the case study provided, and answer the 3 questions below it.
You will find everything in the PDF regarding the writing and citation on how it should be written.
i have provided 3 files, the case study one shows the topic and how everything needs to be written out.
the other 2 talks about how to communicate with clients.
please make sure that it will have a Title Page, Main Body, and References.
One of the questions ask: “Provide an example of a similar situation that you’ve dealt with in a previous job or your personal life and outline how you handled that situation”.
I would like you to put that , “I worked at a Jewellery store called Ann-Louis Jewellery, where they sale fancy and. high Jewelley. It was Christmas time, when a man came in and was asking for his wife’s ring that was in repair ranging around 10k. But the repair didn’t come in yet and was told he would be receiving it today, and when he found out that nobody was sure if its coming or not. He started getting angry and wanted to involve his lawyer in the situation. I was the one talking to him, i helped him came down by comforting him that his wife’s ring is in good hands. And this is a business that has been making its customers happy with its repair for over the last 15 years. And asked him to give me 5 mins to talk to the manager, where she can call the head office of the repairs and finally confirm the real date and time he will be able to come and pick it up. I apologized for this, and made sure he will be receiving an email that has his job bag number on it his first and last name as well as his phone number to confirm that this is the real owner of the item”
please correct any spelling or grammar errors in the top paragraph
Thank you so much

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