Everyone wants the absolute best for their children, yet there are often differi

Everyone wants the absolute best for their children, yet there are often differing opinions on what actually is “the best.” This is why we have politicians arguing over how public education should be run, hundreds if not thousands of “how to” books on raising children, and of course our own personal preferences and family traditions.
In lecture and in your textbook, many scientific studies have been mentioned and referenced that deal with improving, or maximizing the developmental potential of children. For this assignment, we will be looking at empirical, scientific evidence for methods that help children (conception through adolescence) to develop.
Your task: Identify and describe three (3) things lecture and/or your textbook have described that can be done to help children develop in a positive way. Item (1) must be something that parents can do to help their children develop successfully (e.g., parenting styles, nutrition, discipline, etc.), Item (2) must be something schools can do to help children develop successfully (e.g., teaching style, nutrition, physical education, etc.), and Item (3) is up to you to choose (something parents can do, schools can do, the child can do, the government can do, etc.). However, each item must be supported with research (your textbook will be the easiest option).

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