Develop a site specific Implementation plan for the project that you proposed.

Develop a site specific Implementation plan for the project that you proposed.
Use the fillable table template here and also posted in Module 10.
Include your PICOT question, a specific site where you plan to implement the project, the stakeholders, any approvals that would be necessary, resources that you would need, specific guidelines or benchmarks for your plan, baseline data needed, and outcome measures. Also include barriers that you envision and suggestions to overcome those barriers.
Use your readings in Melnyk to support your plan and provide a reference for the EBP model you plan to use in your implementation.
my PICOT queation is
How do toddlers (P) diagnosed with autism(I) perceive treatment (O) during the first year of diagnosis(T)?
for the JHEBP *You will not submit this form with your implementation assignment. However, use this information from the Johns Hopkins EBP “Action Tool” to consider your answers for the planning template:
Activities to ensure successful translation
These are all activities that must be completed as you plan the change. Consider pre- and post-observable measures that can be used to determine whether the change was successful. In addition, identifying critical milestones allows the team to see whether they are on track to accomplish the goals.
Identify strengths/resources and barriers to the success of the change
This analysis allows teams to identify barriers to implementation and potentially mitigate them using inherent strengths and resources. You may find specific challenges that will likely impact the ability to deliver on the action plan. Though these obstacles can get in the way, knowing about them up front is helpful so that you can engage support and create a plan to address them.
Consider whether or how the change will impact workflows and processes
Be mindful of the impact of the change downstream. For example, will changes need to be made to the electronic medical record to accommodate the change, or will this change impact the workflow of any other staff who have not been considered?

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