Compose a report on a news article that connect womens studies to current develo

Compose a report on a news article that connect womens studies to current developments that impact people’s day-to-day lives.
Use this news article attached to create the report
After you have read the news article, respond to the questions below in a 1,000 word report about the article and what you have learned, focusing on the aspects of interest to Women’s Studies:
1. Title, author, publication, date, and url for your news article.
2. Brief (1-2 sentence) summary of the main topic of the article.
3. Why would this article be of particular interest to a Women’s Studies student or scholar? If you’re not sure, one place to start is to review the information about Women’s Studies found in Module 1: What Is Women’s Studies?.
4. What did you learn that you didn’t already know by reading this article?
5. Which topic, person, example, or idea in the article would you like to know more about? What questions would you suggest the reporter ask in a follow-up article?
6. What social, political, personal, historical, economic, artistic, or other impact might the information in this article have? Why?
7. Is there anything you read or thought about while reading the article that has relevance to your life outside of this class or outside of the article itself?
Include quotes and examples to support your discussion as part of your responses to questions 3-7.
Remember to include in-text citations and a References list for all references to the article or class learning resources, whether quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
Number each each question with the response as you answer the questions. To meet the word count requirement, be sure to answer questions 3-7 in detail, and give specific examples or quotes (cited!) for each answer.
is found on one of the publications/sites listed in this Forbes report of 10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts: [there are many more than ten reliable news sources to choose from if you scroll to the bottom of the article]
was published in the last 12 months.
has a byline (a named author), and is not marked “op-ed,” “opinion,” or “editorial”
has as its main focus a topic of interest to Women’s Studies
If you are uncertain if the article you have found is acceptable for this assignment, ask your instructor before proceeding, or choose one of the approved articles in the list below:

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