**Book is uploaded please cite it***** Following the loss of his wife, Roy was t

**Book is uploaded please cite it*****
the loss of his wife, Roy was treated with tranquilizers. Initially,
Xanax, helped with Roy’s sleep and eased the pain due to his loss. The
tranquilizers did what they were supposed to do; slow down the central
nervous system and create a calming effect. However, Roy soon found
himself taking more pills than were designated with his initial
prescription. After Roy’s doctor stopped prescribing, he began seeking
out additional medical specialists to fill a prescription. He was
successful in his efforts. In Roy’s mind this was justified as he
experienced unbearable sorrow, and the drugs were not “illegal”.
began missing work and finding himself fatigued when he did make it to
work. After a period of time, Roy was fired. Subsequently the use of
tranquilizers and pain-killers continued to increase. Eventually, under
the influence of the tranquilizers and pain-killers, Roy found himself
in an automobile accident that nearly took his life and three others in a
second vehicle, including two young children. While in the hospital
Roy began treatment. The treatment was designed to alleviate his
withdrawal symptoms, and the psychological addiction to the
pain-killers, that now included OxyContin, an opioid agonist with an
addiction potential similar to morphine. After an extensive stay in a
treatment center, Roy was off the pain-killers that began to ruin his
life. However, several months later Roy found himself depending on
caffeine, tobacco, and marijuana just to make it through the day.
In a word document please answer the following questions based off the case study:
Why was it so easy for
Roy to become addicted to the prescription drugs, and how did he
justify his continued abuse of the pain-killers?
Roy eventually started
abusing OxyContin. Why is this considered one of the most dangerous
drugs in its class and for what reason(s) is it prescribed today?
Discuss the differences between psychological addiction and physical addiction as related to the use of tranquilizers.
Discuss ways that physicians, pharmacists, and others can help to prevent drug abuse similar to that experienced in this case.
Grading Criteria
1. 2 to 3 pages (no less than 2).
2. APA formatting, correct grammar and spelling
3. Please cite all your sources, including the textbook.
4. Please justify your answers with facts, citations.

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