Application Activity #2 1111 unread replies.1111 replies. Choose one of the two

Application Activity #2
1111 unread replies.1111 replies.
Choose one of the two Activities below and write your Post. Posts should be at least 250 words and should reference your sources (see Syllabus for the Scoring Guide). Initial posts are due on Thursday by 11:59 pm ET; replies (100 or more words) are due the following Sunday by 11:59 pm ET). Reply to at least one student who discussed the question that you did not choose.
Option 1: Individualism v. Collectivism
Take the quiz: Individualism vs. Collectivism Quiz: How Do You See Your Role in Society? (Links to an external site.)
Where do you stand on the individualist / collectivist continuum, based on your scores? Why do you think you scored the way you did, based on what you read about how individuals develop these aspects of their self-concept?
Option 2: Cultural Experiences, Self-Esteem, and Identity
How do you think your own cultural experiences influenced your development of self-esteem as a child? Your sense of identity as a teen and young adult? Reference the key concepts about identity formation in your response.
Reminder: Posts should reference reading material and should be thorough (minimum 250 words) and demonstrate that you read and understand the assigned textbook chapter. Posts are due on Thursdays. Replies (minimum 100 words) should further the Discussion in an authentic and lively way. Replies are due on Sundays.
Use the linked Application Discussion Directions
handout to see how to correctly cite your text and cite an article.

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