You need to deliver an overview(2 paragraphs) of the journal article below and p

You need to deliver an overview(2 paragraphs) of the journal article below and post at least 2 open-ended questions for each article to engage the class in a discussion of the topic.
1. Pashupati, K, & Kendrick, A. (2008). Advertising practitioner perceptions of HDTV advertising: A diffusion of innovations perspective. International Journal on Media Management, 10, 158-178.
2. Davies, N. (2012). What are the ingredients of successful travel behavioural change campaigns?. Transport Policy, 24, 19-29.
Here’s a sample for another article:
“In the article by Welfens, Nordmann, and Seibt (2016) the researchers examined what causes cell phone users to choose to return and recycle their phones. They specifically wanted to understand how these barriers and drivers have been addressed by existing communication and collection campaigns. As the researchers noted there is a finite amount of resources available for technological uses. Technology such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, and others use precious metals that once depleted by mining, will cause large disruption in the supply chain. Additionally, harvesting these resources causes significant environmental and social impacts. Therefore, it is important to persuade technology users to recycle old hardware so that the metals can be reused in a new cell phone or laptop.
In order for the Welfens et al. (2016) to understand the reasons why someone chooses to recycle or not recycle their old technology, they performed a content analysis of existing communication campaigns. They analyzed 15 cell phone recycling campaigns were selected based on three aspects: duration, scope, and visibility, and from their analysis they discussed 5 the criterion for a successful cell phone recycling campaign:
Formulating a clear message that addresses the sustainability problem. Specifically, campaigns should stress that while consumer recycling is important they must also discuss why and how the recycled parts will be used or personal ways to recycle such as selling an old phone second-hand.
Integration of training and educations measures that address specific target groups. For example, young adults should be addressed via social media networks whereas older adults may be more appropriate to address on traditional media (TV, newspaper, etc)
Simple methods to recycle the phone that gives access to infrastructures or a reduction in transaction costs. This could be providing a shipping label with all new phone purchases so the person can return the phone to the cell provider to be recycled. Or the provider could offer a reduced rate on the new phone with the trade-in for the old.
Celebrity and opinion leader support was also extremely important in successful campaigns.
Finally, while it is true that economic incentives are a big motivating factor for many, it should coincide with a discussion about sustainability, environmental protection, and resource conservation therefore it is more preferable to offer a non-material price (such as a donation to a charity)
Discussion Questions
Think about the current cell phone commercials you see now, how many discuss sustainability, recycling, or buying back your old phone? If you can think of a commercial that discusses recycling or a buyback program does it motivate you to use that service when it is time for a new phone? Why or why not? How could you improve the campaign to make it more persuasive?
This article used many methods throughout to understand the phenomenon of cell phone recycling but we will just concentrate on the content analysis section. After reading their method using case study design, do you feel the method was in-depth enough to get a full picture of their work? Of the phenomenon? Is there anything you feel like they didn’t explore that should have been explored?”

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