Use this website.

Use this website.
Write your essay in your own voice
It is very important that I am able to get a sense of your passion and understanding for your essay. Do not cut and paste from other online research. Write clearly and in your own voice describing your experience or attendance of your cultural event. The essay must be MLA format, and with a minimum of three pages long. You may exceed the amount of pages.
Proof of Attendance
Upload selfie or photo of your self at the cultural event. Some locations might have strict policies. When unsure, please call before attending or ask the front desk.
Below is a list of acceptable cultural events that will be acceptable for your essay. Many of you might have visited some of these places and may want to re-visit. I highly encourage you to try new places or locations that you have not encountered. San Antonio is a very diverse city with weekly events of arts and culture. I have provided you with a list of both free and costly cultural events. You are in no obligation to choose to pay for an event that is costly and might hurt you financially. Please choose within your budget. Please email me with any questions.
However, because of Covid-19, I have added this online substitute/option for you to attend. This will be a safe choice for those who are continuing to stay at home, to protect themselves or their families.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
(The following are steps to choose from a collection at the museum)
The new link to the website is: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Scroll down until you see, ‘Now on View.’
You will pick one of the collections.
Once you are inside the collection, the Met will give you details of the collection, including a video. However, please scroll down until you find ‘Exhibition Objects.’
The ‘Exhibition Objects,’ will give you the details of the pieces of art work. You will need this for your essay.
However, if your collection does not have an option for ‘Exhibition Objects,’ DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THAT COLLECTION. YOU WILL HAVE TO PICK ANOTHER COLLECTION.
If you choose the online virtual tour to the metropolitan museum of art, you do NOT need to take a selfie or photograph. However, please let me know on what option you choose for this essay.

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