Since this is a group discussion, each group has its own conversation for this t

Since this is a group discussion, each group has its own conversation for this topic. Here are the ones you have access to:
Discussion 4: Plot & Character
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In order to answer the following question. be sure to read “The Use of Force” very carefully. See this link to read a copy of the story: (Links to an external site.).
Make certain that you can clearly identify the story’s protagonist, antagonist, and the climax that occurs in the conflict between the two (identification of the antagonist and even the protagonist can sometimes be open to interpretation to some degree, so be sure that you’ve identified them based on close scrutiny of the story and careful thinking about how the story works. Remember to work out whether this is a protagonist vs. human nemesis, protagonist vs. nature, protagonist vs. self, or protagonist vs. society conflict. That formulation may help you better identify the antagonist in this story (and hint: the antagonist may seem to be one thing, but at a deeper level be another thing entirely).
Properly use terminology that relates to conflict, such as rising action, antagonist, protagonist, climax, and crisis. Write a short essay that explains the story’s meaning by discussing various elements of fiction, particularly character and plot.
Question: How does the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist in “The Use of Force” help you understand the meaning of this William Carlos Williams story?

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