Research Topic Assignment IMPORTANT: Access the templates from the Resources fol

Research Topic Assignment
IMPORTANT: Access the templates from the
Resources folder in Content.
The signature assignment/paper for this class is in the form of a
research proposal where you say something about what you would research if in a
professional setting. This will involve developing a good research
question, reviewing a few scholarly studies about the problem, deciding whom
and how you would conduct a study. You will do only the library portions
of the research.
Your plan should be to investigate a social work/human services
type of problem with limited time and resources, as if in grad school or
working for an agency. IMPORTANT: Your topic cannot involve children,
school personnel, or school or medical records. However, it can involve adults
about their childhood experiences.
It cannot involve research with persons who are vulnerable such as
living in an institution. However, it can ask human service
professionals about their broad experiences with a population without
identifying specific cases.
Review the examples of
evidence-based practice (EBP) questions and the Selecting a Research
Question. With this material in mind, identify two topics that are
of interest to you. Why did you choose these topics? Provide
statistics from a .gov or .org site can you find about each such as how
many people it affects in your area or state.
For one of the topics,
find a scholarly article using or the UC library
databases and paraphrase key points from the abstract. Cite the
sources both in-text and in references according to APA 7th.
Examples of APA citations can be found in the resource folder.
of evidence-based practice (EBP) questions
1. What intervention, program, or policy has the best
2. What factors best predict desirable or undesirable
3. What’s it like to have had my clients experiences?
4. What assessment tool should be used?

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