module 5: discussion 1-2 Discussion Online discussions pose an opportunity f

module 5: discussion 1-2
Online discussions pose an opportunity for rich and meaningful student learning and interaction. Online discussions extend classroom learning by providing an asynchronous method of communication for the exchange of meaningful ideas that promote critical thinking and develop thoughtful reflective learning. All students are expected to participate in each weekly discussion. These forums will be grounded in durable or critical thinking utilizing case studies, problem/solution scenarios or other appropriate assignments.
This forum utilizes a question and answer format. The discussion questions that each student should answer are posted below. Students will reply to the question(s)/prompt first. Do not upload a document as attachment. Until you reply and post your answers to the question(s) you will not be able to see the other student’s responses. After you have posted your initial answers other student’s postings, if there are any, will become available for you to read and comment on.
Instructions: Choose TWO, one from each chapter, from the following. Include the prompt in your answer.
Chapter 11
1 What is the nature of attribution models of leadership? What do they help to explain? What don’t they explain?
2 Discuss transformational, transactional and charismatic leadership styles. Do you think these leadership styles should depend on the organizational culture?
3 What are the different ways in which culture is communicated?
Chapter 12
1 What norms or roles are likely to develop in groups? Explain how this occurs.
2 How do group context and structure affect group outcomes?
3 In what ways are effective communication more challenging to managers of public organizations compared to their private sector counterparts?
4 Discuss the phenomenon of groupthink. How do you recognize its symptoms? What are the different ways to avoid it?

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