Learning Outcomes Demonstrate clinical judgment and decision-making skills in co

Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate clinical judgment and decision-making skills in community preparation for disaster, mass casualty, and other emergency situations.
This module’s discussion topic addresses disaster preparedness and mitigating risk.
You will begin this module’s discussion by visiting the Center for Disease Control and Prevention site on Mitigation Strategies for Communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission (Links to an external site.).
Action Items
Complete your assigned reading before starting this assignment.
By Wednesday, write a 1-3 paragraph response to the questions below. Include citations as appropriate and follow APA guidelines (Links to an external site.). Post your response on the discussion board.
In the CDC site (Links to an external site.) that explores mitigation strategies for COVID-19 transmission, explore the Goals and Guiding Principles for mitigating disease transmission. Look at the Factors to Consider for Determining Mitigation Strategies.
Consider your own community’s responses to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
Develop a response to the questions below:
How did your community react initially to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic? What further responses did they take throughout the height of the pandemic?
Consider the factors for determining mitigation strategies (epidemiology, community characteristics, healthcare capacity, and public health capacity. What were these factors as it relates to your community?
Using the hindsight that you have developed, how might your community have been better prepared to manage the pandemic?

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