For this discussion, review your readings for Unit 4 and read the following sce

For this discussion, review your readings for Unit 4 and read the following scenario carefully. Feel free to do research outside the course if you’d like other points of view.
It’s the year 1900, and you are a 40-year-old African American citizen born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. You purchase a first-class ticket for a railway ride to Baton Rouge. You find your seat in the first-class area as the train prepares to depart. A conductor asks you to produce your ticket. You hand him the ticket and wait. After reviewing your ticket, the conductor informs you that as an African American, you must sit in the second-class area only, based on the Railway Separation Act and Plessy v. Ferguson.
How would you respond to the conductor’s actions? Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone in the past — think about what their life was like, what their behavior and outlook might be. Try to justify your response by describing that life and outlook.
You must answer the question(s) asked in a minimum of two paragraphs and a maximum of three paragraphs. Your responses should also quote and cite the material you have read in the class so far; you may also do outside research. Use the Purdue OWL Chicago Style guide for help with the correct citation style for your quotes.
links from unit 4
Responds to the scenario/discussion question in a minimum of two paragraphs and/maximum of three paragraphs
Demonstrates sophistication of thought; understands and critically evaluates the sources used informed by at least one element of thought
Appropriately defines terms and concepts relevant to the topic; uses appropriate and effective evidence is in support of position

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