Directions Instructions: Write a paper on an evidence-based practice for a probl

Instructions: Write a paper on an evidence-based practice for a problem in an area of interest to the student, and then critique their community resources using the literature review as a guide.
Assignment Requirements:
8-10-page paper
APA style format
Title page & Reference page
10 references minimum (2012 or later)
Use paper outline to write paper
Paper Outline
Your paper outline must include the following:
A brief description of the problem.
A literature review of articles describing 1-2 evidence-based practices for the problem. This section should be based on articles taken directly from the original research (i.e. peer reviewed journals). Additionally, make sure you complete the following for this portion of the assignment:
Information from the articles should be synthesized, not simply described one by one.
Please describe the research that establishes your chosen practice as evidence based. For instance, are there randomly controlled trials involving the practice as it relates to the particular problem you have chosen? If not, what type of research methodology was used to generate evidence for the effectiveness of the practice?
Include if the EBP has been researched within a diverse group. You must include 2 different groups (age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, class). At least one group must be based on intersectionality-for example African American women, older White males, Gay men).
If you have a difficult time finding enough articles for a particularly narrow problem (i.e. cutting/self-mutilating behaviors among Native American adolescent males), consider looking at related articles (i.e. cutting among other populations). While this may or may not be perfectly relevant, use good judgment in how would apply the findings. (By the way, your problem does NOT have to be that narrow!)
A description of the services for the problem in your community. Include a listing and BRIEF description of 2-3 agencies, including professions employed at the agency and their key professional values and orientations, practitioners, websites, support groups, community activities, etc. (Some of these may be mentioned in the literature as EBP and some may not.)
A critique of the services in your community based on the literature review. Be sure to:
Develop and use clear criteria for your critique (i.e. availability of services, clinicians’ knowledge of the problem and EBP’s, adherence to manualized EBPs, availability of outcome data, etc.)
Give a “grade” for how you think your community measures up to what we know works (EBP). Give a rationale for your “grade.”
Describe your ideal inter-professional service system for the identified problem. Include the level of service (individual, family, group, community), services provided, and the professions involved. Note a table would be useful.
Describe specifically how/where you might advocate for the addition of/improvement of services in your community. Specifically, what advocacy groups exist for the identified problem within the local community and/or state?
The following websites are helpful resources in defining evidence-based practices and identifying good practice models based upon sound evidence:
National Association of Social Workers – Practice Page (Links to an external site.): This site provides a brief introduction to practice topics and links to resources.
The Campbell Collaboration (Links to an external site.) (specifically, The Campbell Library link on the home page)
The California Evidence-Based Clearing House for Child Welfare (Links to an external site.)
SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (Links to an external site.)

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