B Research and choose a state or federal bill related to a health care policy is

Research and choose a state or federal bill related to a health care policy issue of interest.
My chosen topic is the The Resilience Investment, Support, and Expansion (RISE) from Trauma Act
This bill / Act will be used for all course assignments
Place the title of the bill in the subject line of the discussion post.
Post a brief description of the bill on the discussion board. Use bulleted format.
Identify if it is a state or federal bill
Include the bill’s number (H.R.# or S#), title, purpose, intended group/population, and outcome (if already determined)
Identify the bill’s legislative sponsors
Explain the reason for selection
Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 2019
116th Congress (2019-2020)
Type of bill
Federal bill
Bill number
R. 2581
Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 2019
To revise the Public Health Service Act to establish direct care nurse-to-patient staffing ratio requirements by units in hospitals.
To mandate the hospitals to incorporate an acuity system to allow for bedside nurses to utilize their professional judgement to decide the acuity and level of care of patients.
To mandate hospitals to follow nurse-to-patient ratios on all shift without averaging.
To require hospitals to follow certain procedures in determination of the ratios.
To provide whistleblower protection for nurses by securing a nurse’s right to refuse unsafe assignment.
Prohibits the use of video monitors or technology to replace direct patient care and RN professional judgment.
Intended group/population
Nurses, patients, nurse administrators and supervisors, licensed vocational or practical nurses,patient care assistants as an ancillary staff member.
Increased number of RNs per patient that complies with specific minimum nurse- to-patient ratios by unit.
Adequate number of qualified nurses to provide the high-quality care.
Improved patient care quality.
Increased patients’ safety by decreasing the number of preventable errors caused by unsafe staffing ratios.
Reduced nurse burnout.
Reduced costly nurse’s turnover rate by retaining experienced nurses.
Improved workplace for nurses that will help to attract and retain nurses
Legislative Sponsors
Representative Schakowsky, Janice (Democrat) of Illinois, District 9 106th-117th.
Cosponsored by 56 representatives, which includes 26 original.
Reason for Selection
Nurses play critical role in patients’ safety and quality of care provision. Nurses’ vigilance at bedside is important to ensure patient’s safety, to manage patient care needs, coordinate care, prevent deterioration, identify and communicate changes in patient’s condition, perform countless tasks, and have time to educate patients and families. Inadequate staffing has a detrimental impact on nurses in terms of emotional exhaustion and job dissatisfaction, both of which are linked to costly turnover rate. The evidence suggests that high nurse-to-patient ratios are also linked to poor patient outcome, increased infections, pressure ulcers,falls, and accidental death (Barrows, 2020). Studies have shown that mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios that became a milestone in California’s healthcare system, improves patient care quality, mortality and morbidity outcome, safety of the patients while reduces nurses’ burnout and increases nurses’ retention rates.

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