Before you submit, read the assignment guidelines for MA 1 in their entirety. P

Before you submit, read the assignment guidelines for MA 1 in their entirety.
Please post your first draft by Wednesday, July 6 at 11:59 PM. You can either upload a .docx or pdf attachment of your essay or copy and paste your essay into the discussion post.
Your critique should answer at least 5 of following questions:
Does the essay satisfy the basic requirements of the essay? Page count, MLA format, etc. listed at the top of MA 1 guidelines.
Did the text hook your attention? Provide a specific example from the text. If you answered, “no,” please suggest a possible way to grab your attention. When answering this question please include the title of the essay.
Does the writer invite you into the text? Are there moments where you could connect/establish common ground with the writer or the text itself? Please provide specific examples OR if you answered, “no,” please highlight how the writer kept you at an arm’s length.
What is the “story”? Try to explain the key features of the text in one paragraph (5-7 sentences).
What is the narrative arc? *remember we are not analyzing literature*. Consider where the text begins and ends. What happens in the middle to move the narrative along?
What are the discourse communities evident in the text? If you could not identify any, please suggest some possible connections the writer could make.
Where do you see evidence of the writer’s voice?
Is the scope manageable? If it is too narrow, where you do not get enough of the “story” OR if it is too broad where you are left with pesky, unanswered questions? If you deemed the scope to be manageable, please explain your reasoning behind this answer.
Does the writer craft transitions between ideas? Please provide specifics examples or offer suggestions regarding how transitions could be employed.
. Does the writer conclude the text by avoiding the dreaded “moral of the story” ending? At the end of 3-4 pages, do you care? Is there a “so-what factor?” Please go beyond a yes or no answer. Provide specific examples from the text that illustrate the moments where you felt a “so what” factor OR places where you were left asking “what is the point?”

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